globaltoken Multi-algorithm cryptocurrency

60 second block time

GlobalToken (GLT) is a Proof of Work Multi-Algorithm cryptocurrency with support for 30 algorithms. A token built for merchants with instant transactions and low fees.

WHAT IS global token

GlobalToken (GLT) is a Proof of Work Multi-Algorithm Coin. GlobalToken was created to provide quick online transactions with a fast blockchain confirmation time and the lowest fees possible. Our blockchain provides instant transactions in the latest hardfork.

faster than bitcoin

One of the key requirements to creating a coin built for merchants is fast confirmation times. With limited time performing a transaction in a retail environment, GlobalToken’s quick block times make GLT the recommended cryptocurrency for retail sales.

Low transaction fees

We think transaction fees have gotten out of hand. The aim of cryptocurrency is to decentralize payments in the attempt of lowering overall fees, which is why GlobalToken is adamant about keeping our transaction fees low.

provably fair

With no pre-mine, GlobalToken is built for fairness. Since there is no large coin supply, GLT has a unique opportunity to create a large organic community that will ultimately promote strong and stable growth moving forward.


Every minute a block is mined and every block mined, the GLT network will readjust the PoW difficulty.

Coin supply

The total Supply of the GLT will amount to approximately 168,000,000 coins. With an increased number of coins, we can create the most secure P2P network and also help ensure enough volume for our community.


Large coin supply ensures the safest possible P2P Network, with enough volume for the community. Further we divide the hash power to 30 mineable algos. This makes a 51% attack almost impossible.

Check GLT activity through the Block Explorer

glt coin specification

Codebase: Bitcoin

PoW Phase : Active

Block Size : 10MB

Transaction Size : 1MB

TPM / Transactions Per Minute : 44247

TPS / Transactions Per Second: 737.45

MultiShield Retargeting (DGB powered)

Merged Mining Enabled (NMC powered)

AuxPoW Enabled

Equihash/Zhash (AuxPoW 2.0)

InstantSend Support

Android Wallet

Wallet Download Links

masternode details

Collateral Required : 50,000 GLT

Monitoring : NodeCheck

Profit Statistics : / NodeCheck / MNRoi / MNRank

Managed Masternode Hosting : Apollon

Self Hosted : Masternode Setup Guide

Recommended VPS : Ubuntu 16.04 / 1GB Ram or more

If you encounter problems in setup process – contact us on Discord



30 algorithms reduces the chance of a possible 51% attack by the factor 30. An attacker would need 51% of every mining algorithm.

1. astralhash
2. blake2b
11. neoscrypt
12. nist5
13. padihash
14. pawelhash
15. quark
16. qubit
17. scrypt
18. sha256d*
19. skein
20. skunkhash
21. timetravel10
22. x11
23. x13
24. x14
25. x15
26. x16r
27. x17
28. xevan
29. yescrypt
30. zhash

What makes GlobalToken different

GlobalToken launched with no pre-mine as a Fair Coin distributed to all users. Our transaction times are 10 times faster than Bitcoin with very low fees.

The purpose of glt

GlobalToken’s main purpose is to ensure fast worldwide online payments. As the GlobalToken blockchain is faster and more secure than Bitcoin providing an ideal enviroment for transactions.


Faster blocktime means that confirmations on the blockchain are processed much faster than Bitcoin.  These fast confirmations also reduce fees compared to Bitcoin.

miner friendly

Supporting 30 algorithms we invite all miners to try our Official Pool to start earning GlobalToken today!

merchant friendly

GlobalToken is ideal for Merchants, Webshops or Local Stores. Payments with GlobalToken are easy, fast, and secure. The total supply of 168,000,000 GLT ensures a safe peer-to-peer network, with more coins available than Bitcoin this allow users to easily transact the cryptocurrency.


Roadmap 2019

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Dev / Founder
Is the developer responsible for all wallets and non-web development. He has experience in C++, C, C#, PHP, jQuery/Ajax/Javascript, Java, SQL, HTML, CSS. Feel free to message him any time with any questions about GLT!


Community Moderator
He conscientiously moderates the telegram and slack community.


Support and Management
He helps with the community correspondence and assists with the management of the project.


Team Position
Maintainer of our primary pool.


Team Position
Community moderator


Team Position
Core member

Bug Bounty

If while using our website you find any bugs or security issues please let us know.

We will try and reward bug reports with GLT to their severity.

Please contact us through the Support Options page.

Thank you!


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